• Industrial Flooring Technologies, LLC provides multiple solutions for your concrete floor coating needs.

  • As a floor coating contractor with over 25 years experience we strive to have every action and process we provide be the best one to fit your needs. From the project management and scheduling to product selection, preparation and installation the impact on the customers operation is the first consideration. Selection of products and services used on your project is based on the situation at hand not any one product or service.
    Being an independent concrete flooring contractor there is no predefined products we offer. There is choice of what manufacturer is used, product, style and color. No matter what the floor coating need is, be it a small repair job or installation of a small area to many thousand square feet of space to be coated our goal is to provide high quality and durable floor coating.

  • Any epoxy coating solution is based on product selection, preparation and application.

  • Investigation of the particular site parameters is one of the key steps to provide a solution that will be a durable and long lasting solution for your concrete floor coating needs. With this information we can recommend the best product for your safety considerations, appearance chemical resistance needs, epoxy floor coatings or a concrete surface treatment.

  • Product selection

  • With years of experience we know most of the situations revolving around your flooring needs.. Information on floor traffic equipment used, industry specific needs, machinery quirks, chemical and temperature requirements and hours of operation versus time to work in the space will all be considered.

  • Preparation

    We at Industrial Flooring Technologies, llc understand your special standards and demands you expect from your floor. We strive to provide your company with the highest quality floor preparation with the best available technology. With out doing the best surface preparation, a durable solution is just not possible. There simply must be a solid foundation to apply the coating to last. Both physical, mechanical and chemical bonding are all considered in the preparation phase of your project be it a garage floor or a U.S. Postal Service facility.

  • Application

  • Experiance in knowing the correct volume of material to mix balanced with the temperature and application rate dictates what can be covered per batch. Other wise there will be premature curing of the epoxy and minimizes the over all quality of the floor over time. This is balanced by experience with variations in temperatures and site conditions that affect the application. Fast and efficient application equipment is used to get the best possible result with the least possible disruption.

    End result

    To provide both a great looking floor and one that is safe & durable.

    Types of projects

    Industrial Flooring Technologies, llc has successfully completed projects in personal residences, hospitals, laboratories, food processing, U.S. Postal Service, chlorine manufacturing, restaurants, parking decks, warehouses, commercial kitchens, machine shops and kennels. For more customer details see our references. Industrial Flooring Technologies, llc is a regional contractor servicing clients in southern New England, southern NY and northern New Jersey. Within this area we work with a diverse group of clients such as plant engineers, facilities maintenance, contractors, and business owners in a wide range of manufacturing, production and food processing facilities. Call today, and let us provide a high quality safe concrete floor coating for you.

  • Our shop is set up here in Connecticut to house the equipment needed to do what is needed nation wide.

    Located conveniently off the Interstate we are ready to go to meet your durable floor coating needs no matter where it is. In additon or warehouse has the equipment we need to do your project.