• Services provided by Industrial Flooring Technologies LLC

    We are ready to hit the road at any time to fix your floor and make it look like a million bucks. A focused group of services we provide means we are very experienced in each step of the process’s we employ to improve your concrete floor. Industrial Flooring Technologies is focused on concrete floors and the preparation steps that produce a durable and great looking floor.

  • Epoxy Resinous Flooring

    Epoxy resins are two part resinous systems used for high performance and decorative concrete flooring applications. Epoxy resinous floors create a chemical resistant, seamless, monolithic flooring system. They can provide many different “looks” from a plain solid color, a terrazzo style flooring, chip flooring, inserted logo’s and colored aggregate flooring. Being 100% solids this is a low volatile organic compounds (VOC) product.

  • Urethane Flooring

  • Similar to epoxy coatings , urethane floor coatings produce a durable finish with a lower cost of installation yet still offer a wide number of options. This product comes in both one component and two component systems. One-component products are often referred to as moisture cured urethanes and are solvent based. Two-component waterborne polyurethanes are being developed to increase hardness, gloss, and solvent resistance. Water based urethanes are recognized for outstanding adhesion properties. For special use areas with the possible or expected contact with acids there is also a class of chemical resistant urethanes. This group has also higher resistance to yellowing from exposure to ultraviolet light.

  • Parking Garage Coatings

  • Industrial Flooring Technologies installes many manufaturers of traffic coating systems. Both for pedestrain and vehicle traffic. As well as silane penetrating sealers

  • Concrete Repair

  • For floors that have high traffic or have been used for some time often there is the need for repairs first. To improve and provide a durable good-looking floor, often skilled concrete repair is required. One of the keys to these repairs is a skilled assessment of the damage or deterioration and diagnosis of its cause. Combined with constant research on all available products that best fit each particular situation. With time and multiple previous applications of these products the selection of the right product that will work in your situation. Having the right equipment and technology to make these repairs is what we strive for every day.

  • Shot Blasting Services

    It is a single step method that with different kinds of shot is able to clean, strip, etch and remove lose material. The desired texture created on the floor is controlled by machine speed and size of the shot selected. Drying time prior to final application is eliminated and the concrete is left chemically free. This is accomplished without dust since the system is completely closed. The shot and contaminants bounce back into a separation system that is attached with the dust collector that separates the dust then the shot is cleaned for reuse.

  • Scarifying

    A more aggressive machine is used in this application in comparison to shot blasting. The desired result when this is used is to create a deeper profile in the concrete surface. It also removes more material chipping the concrete with cutters that spin at high speed. In places where the abutting sections of concrete are out of alignment the high spots can be efficiently profiled with the scarifier to make a smooth transition.

  • Diamond Concrete Grinding & Polishing

    Diamond polishing is a process used for a finished concrete flooring solution. Concrete polishing is used to create a durable floor that is easy to maintain and price effective. With this solution, day to day cleaning and maintenance of the concrete floor is much easier than some other treatments. With the very fine diamond abrasives used more of the concrete pores are closed preventing retention of contaminates. Mopping and cleaning with standard floor cleaning equipment is facilitated due to this very smooth surface not holding contaminates.
    The depth of polishing controls the final look by how much aggregate is exposed at the surface. The last step of the process is to apply a hardening agent that increases the hardness of the surface well above the original strength of the concrete floor and adds to the shine of the floor. This type of floor will stand up to heavy equipment traffic as well as high foot traffic. It creates a look similar to a terrazzo floor.

    Diamond grinding is an aggressive grinding process that removes concrete. It is different from scarifying in that it leaves a smoother polished surface than the scarifying does. Based on the surface being treated and also the possible coating to be removed the diamond hardness is needed to grind through the material to create the proper substrate for recoating. With this method a larger diamond matrix is used for the grinding in comparison to the polishing. This results in a faster production methods than concrete polishing. The grinding often is not the final product but used in the floor preparation process for other work to be done.

  • Diamond Polishing

    Diamond Polishing produces a smoother surface in comparison to grinding. The luster and finish that can be created is higher. With this process more of the concrete pores are closed up during the polishing process.

  • Concrete Joint and Crack Repair

  • Expansion cracks and settling cracks all affect the surface appearance. With flaws in the floor, corrections need to be made that will stand the test of time and not show through to the final finish. Diagnosis of the cause of the crack and selection of the right type of equipment to make the repairs is what we do.

  • Epoxy Cove Base

  • Creating a solid monolithic surface that transitions from the floor to the wall. The result is an easy to clean and maintain facility without areas that accumulate dirt, debris and germs. This type of transition from the floor to the wall is used in high maintenance areas with a lot of clean up required.

  • Seamless Flooring

  • Is the goal of an epoxy floor installation, is to provide a safe, strong, well bonded uniform floor and prevent areas for dirt, Bacteria and contaminates to collect.

  • Mastic Removal

    Mechanical removal of floor tile mastic. This can be a very dirty and difficult job. We have the experience and equipment to select the right process that will minimize the expense and time the area affected will be impacted by the work.

  • Tile Removal

    If the current floor has a tile floor coating we are able to remove it quickly with our specialized equipment. This combined with experience dealing with the mastic’s left behind can make for a fast track project that stays on track. We follow all environmental restrictions to prevent you and your company from being exposed to undo liability.

  • Epoxy Removal

  • If the use of the space changes and an epoxy floor coating needs to be removed we can do it. The same equipment utilized for preparation of floors for epoxy coatings will also remove these coating efficiently.

  • Recoating Worn Epoxy Concrete Floors

  • Efficient abrasion of the previous coat is facilitated by our concrete preparation equipment. By creating the right surface texture bonding of the new coat is enhanced to provide a long lasting, new look and smooth surface.