• Industrial Floor Technologies, LLC is an approved Dur-A-Flex Flooring Contractor.

  • This approval denotes us as a contractor that adheres to and applies their product utilizing the correct methods. It is a partnership of working together in order to provide the best possible materials and workmanship based on the variables involved to produce a highly durable concrete floor for each installation.

  • Dur-A-Flex durable floor products

  • Dur-A-Flex floor coating products are the primary surface treatments we use. Dur-A-Flex has more than 40 years of extensive field knowledge and innovation in commercial and industrial flooring systems. They are an industry leader that makes a broad number of high quality products that all work well together both in the preparation phase of the project and the final finish. They support the product with a great deal of technical experience and breadth of knowledge. In addition the company is focused on environmental concerns and low VOC"s.

    If the floor-coating project has not been previously specified by a qualified expert when we go to start a job the first step is to ask a number of questions to help understand every detail of your project requirements. The same way as great preparation of the floor produces a lasting floor we also want to know the schedule of work, why a particular floor system has been selected why it was selected and how we can best deliver a flooring solutions that improves the looks and operation of the business. If the products to use are not already selected we work closely with Dur-A-Flex to help find the best fit and finish if there are any questions.

  • Preparation

  • Millions of dollars are spent every year on very good coating systems that fail because of inadequate surface preparation and or incorrect application details. Much of this can be prevented with proper evaluation, specification, and control of the project. Two of the biggest factors in success are preparation and selection of product. Dur-A-Flex is a vital part of the chain in that they supply the highest quality product and also know how it fits with job applications and our company

  • Product Selection

  • Dur-A-Flex systems are ideal for new construction, repair and restoration; it installs easily and cures quickly and provides the correct surface texture for the application. Selection of the right Dur-A-Flex system is based on 3 different factors. The considerations in specific service requirements. Things such as how harsh the working conditions can be varying from extremely harsh brutal situation to light service were the material is being installed. With each situation the bonding capacity of the product has to mach how aggressive the product bonding requirements are. Secondly often a factor is the time available to do the installation. Production of the finished floor is affected by many interlocking factors and needs to be balanced with the company"s tolerance for not having access to the space while the work is being done. The third item naturally is the budget for the project and how large it is. Dur-A-Flex has the experience and understanding of both the product and these three consi derations so they are a resource for helping with a successful installation that performs well and is a lasting durable product that looks great.

  • Environmental Considerations

  • Every durable floor-coating project has an environmental component and we are vitally aware of it. Dur-A-Flex is a product supply that is constantly working to improve their products and installation requirements to meet and exceed LEED® requirements. As every one starts talking about global warming and carbon foot print issues Dur-A-Flex is working to stay ahead of the curve on VOC requirements. In addition to this concern is the impact on total waste produced. Other types of installation that are not resinous produce more waste in the installation trimming process and then with removal it is more bulk headed to the landfill. With the products durability the waste stream is minimized be avoiding old material disposal in the more frequent replacement cycle with other products. In the manufacture of the product they work everyday to minimize waste and recycle what is generated. For a LEED® project let us show you how we can work with you and Dur-A-Flex to produce and environmentally correct project for you.

    Dur-A-Flex, Inc

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