• Industrial Floor Technologies, a Blastrac surface preparation contractor

  • Our Blastrac shot blasting equipment uses a spinning wheel in the cleaning 
head that actually throws the steel shot at the floor so that the resultant impact blasts off a controlled amount of material. The shot material and what comes off the floor is bounced back into the collection system so the whole process is contained. The contaminates are separated from the shot so the steal shot can be reused. Projects that require shot blasting with the Blastrac often require a specific finished texture as part of the finishing process.

  • Durable floor finishes are dependent on proper preparation. The areas to be refinished always require the right treatment so that the material will adhere well. The concrete floor must be able to chemically and mechanically able to accept the adhesion of these coatings. The floor must have the right amount of profiling, or grip for the coating. An example of the opposite situation is when a painting contractor is spray painting over head they will coat their face with Vaseline so the paint will not stick to there face. The key is surface preparation.

    As an experienced Blastrac contractor we know how to balance a number of factors the travel speed of the machine and what size machine is used for the type of project. Also selecting the best shot size and understand the affect on the different age and condition floors to produce the right end result.

  • Concrete surface preparation posses some unique challenges that calls for us as the concrete coating specialty contractor to apply skilled operators along with the right equipment. Concerns for the environmental impact is now first in every facilities managers minds. Being able to capture the concrete waste product so it is not a contaminate is a primary reason to use our experienced crews. Sucking up the silica based dust along with other possible contaminates that are on the surface contains the waste stream to a known area. In addition the steel shot is recycled with in the process and easily retrieved magnetically. This environmentally safe process is also the most economical floor preparation process.

    Blastrac shot blasting is dust free, odorless and a dry process it eliminates problems with incomplete floor cleaning that fully removes prior coatings, dirt, contaminates, prior adhesives, and creates no toxic fumes. Being waterless there is no moisture lingering in the small cavities in the concrete. So as soon as the concrete floor preparation is completes the coating phase of the project can start. Avoiding having to recapture the water and dispose of contaminated water with all its problems is eliminated. Constructing a high quality finish on the floor is very dependent on the power of the Blastrac to both clean and provide a profile on the surface that will enhance mechanical bond to the substrate.

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