• Floor coatings installation and maintenace requires the right kind of equipment and experiance to fit the job requirement. With out this a lasting durable floor may not be the end result. In order to service our clients well we travel nationwide installing long lasting durable floors.

    Blastrac being used to pre-pair a concrete floor for epoxy floor coating

    With the Blastrac shot blasting equipment a floor can be repaired for coating quickly and eliminate the need to wait for etching materials to dry. The need for acid etching is completely eliminated.

    As a Nation wide Blastrac contractor experience knowing what the best way to use it to clean and prepare a floor makes the end result of your project be completed on time. Selecting the best way to remove contaminates efficiently on each particular project translates to a quality project for each client we work for.

    A Nelco floor shot blast machine. This is a self contained machine that is no longer produced. It is known to be an efficaint piece of floor cleaning equipment. The company that had made this unit is now owned by Blastrac. We not only use these units in our operation but also sell them used.

    Mastic removal with Nelco machine on a highway job

    Removal of tile and mastic with a Blastrac scraper. This unit is particularly good for removing both the floor covering and much of the mastic that often holds it in place. In some situations this can be very effective in removing waterproofing membranes
    Mastic removal with Nelco

    Polishing equipment geared to professional results with the right size to do many projects.